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All natural soothing relief
for dry throats and tired voices!


Dolce Voce™ is a pleasant tasting honey, lemon throat spray with a special proprietary blend of herbs and other All Natural ingredients that help to relieve dry mouths and tired voices. Dolce Voce™ Throat Spray will help to moisten and refresh the vocal folds, as well as, stimulate the saliva glands to further lubricate the soft palette. It's the perfect All Natural Remedy for professions that depend on their voices.

The creation of Dolce Voce™ Throat Spray is the culmination of over 10 years of research and development by it's founder Danny Richard of Long Isand, NY. Danny is a highly respected musician in the NY music scene and a leading voice teacher on the East Coast for over 25 years. His strong passion for learning the physiology & mechanics of the human voice eventually led him to the realization that Dolce Voce™ needed to be developed.

So whether you are using Dolce Voce™ as a singer, actor, teacher, politician, public speaker, hospital/medical use, or perhaps you are just someone experiencing dry mouth or a tired voice... Dolce Voce™ is for you!


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