How Dolce Voce works

DolceVoce was designed to do several important things. First it 10 000 dollar loans acts as a vocal tract lubricant. What is that? The vocal tract is the pathway from the larynx,(adams apple) to the lips. Its the area where sound resonates and becomes …more sound. The vegetable glycerin( a viscus solution gleaned from the natural processing of vegetables), in DolceVoce actually gets into the mucous membrane(the lining of the inside of the mouth and the vocal tract), and quickly travels from the point of origin, to the entire vocal tract. One clinician stated that it works like oil to an engine.When the vocal folds are lubricated , 100 guaranteed approval cash advance zanesville they move more freely and efficiently, making sound production that much easier.. Another thing that DolceVoce accomplishes is relief from dry mouth. There are many factors involved here. First, the malic acid (a fruit based acid) in D.V. stimulates the  salivary glands. The glands immediately begin to produce saliva. Now realize that you also have salivary glands on the folds themselves so  the area where sound is being created is greatly optimized. The honey also works as a salivary stimulant. Honey is very valuable as it is also a very effective  anti bacterial agent.Honey 100 day loans bbb review can help lessen the severity of sore throats.(The FDA officially does not like when we make that statement, but its true!) Once the mouth/vocal tract/folds are moist, the herbal blend in DolceVoce helps to retain that moisture , and even attract more moisture . Pretty cool huh?Weather your a singer, actor, salesman, teacher, or simply a person experiencing dry mouth, DolceVoce works and it really does taste great. Try it!Please  feel free to write back with any questions on either blog. As always, your interest is welcome.

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3 Responses to How Dolce Voce works

  1. Linda Price says:

    I once heard a singer say that she eats potato chips before she sings because the oil lubricates her throat. I tried this and it actually works. My voice sounded smoother and it was much easier to sing. I would think this spray works the same way. Where can I order some of this spray.

    • admin says:

      Hi linda. In a weird way, potato chips probably do work, however I doubt that its the oil in them that’s doing it. Any time we eat something, our mouth produces saliva to help break the substance down. Weather its potato chips or the popular unsalted saltine trick, singers have been doing this for ever. Try an unsalted chip or saltine next time. Bet it works even better! Oh, you can buy DolceVoce right on this site. thanks Linda. dR

  2. admin says:

    Thanks. I’m glad it was useful. Keep reading!