Don’t Push!

When people sing 1 hour loans no employment verification phone they usually use more air to get louder. It seems instinctive. This is called belting and is practiced by most of the people that come to see me.Its usually one of the reasons that their voices aren’t doing what they want them to.Belting is a very bad thing. That excursion and intense breath pressure can harm the vocal folds and actually negatively effect the sound.Sound as you may know is 1 hour direct lender payday loans vibrations. The folds vibrating create the sound of the voice itself. Belting inhibits this necessity. It creates whats called “pressed phonation’ .So what does a singer do to get louder?Long story, but  heres a short explanation. At  the front of our faces is an area known  as the “mask”. (Picture where a surgeon would wear a mask). This area includes a  space behind the nasal passages called the naso pharynx.When 100 day installment loans texas the initial sound gets to this are of the skull the sound gets louder. Why? You see there are a series of overtones to any note that a singer sings.A group of higher tones that occur at the same time as the main note that is being sung. Some so high that the ear isn’t even aware of them. These frequency’s help create and embellish the sound.They are called 100 day loans locations michigan “singers frequency formant”.Did you know that the higher a note is the farther it travels? Well this case is no exception.The higher frequency’s project the voice as they travel and thus are making your sound louder. Why is a car horn so loud? Why is a baby’s cry so piercing? why? Why! lol  Its because of this mask  resonance and the overtones that it creates. Pretty cool huh? Remember: Don’t push, and use dolcevoce!

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  1. Linda Price says:

    I agree with you 100%. I personally know of singers who can’t sing anymore (i.e., nodules on their vocal chords) because they were over-singing and using their throat instead of singing the correct way. I am almost 65 and still have the same voice of more than 20 years ago–except I have a greater range because I am practicing more now. Singing correctly is so important, especially as we get older.