Vocal hygiene II

Last week I blogged about payday loan with no job verification certain foods,drinks,etc, that could effect the voice. Today I want to continue with good habits for singers. this again falls into the category of vocal hygiene. Lets start with fluids. “Sing wet, pee pale”. NATS use this slogan to remind singers that we need to be hydrated. the average adult should be consuming somewhere around 64 oz of water daily. How do you know if your consuming enough? Your urine should be pale or clear. If its payday loan debt assistance legitimate company dark yellow,  this could be a sign that you are dehydrated.  Practicing diaphragm:A great place to practice your breathing is while exercising. Its natural when we exercise to breath with the upper chest as this is our  fight or flight response and exercise falls into that category. if you can shift to diaphragm while your  running,lifting,etc, it really strengthens your ability to breath diaphragmatically all the time. Exercise in general is very important as it wakes up the body, gets instant secured payday loans oxygen to the blood, and releases tension(among many other things). The day of a performance, light exercise is important. “Personal steamers”:Every singer should own one of these. Vicks puts out a 1 pound steamer which fits around the nose and mouth and helps to get steam to the mucous membrane. What does steam do? it helps reduce any tissue inflammation, as well as  forcing hydration. These things can work miracles, and every singer should have one. However,…..avoid the money fast guild wars 2 Vicks product that comes with the steamer.Menthol products are not good for the voice. That cooling sensation we feel when consuming them is really coming from an irritation and inflammation of the blood vessels. Not a good thing. Stick to jolly ranchers, fruity candy in general, and of course,Dolce voce honey/lemon throat spray. This covers the surface of the subject of vocal hygiene. they’ll be plenty of other up dates,and remember to youtube us for more vocal tips. ttys, Dan Richard

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  1. Linda Price says:

    I just found your blog. I am a voice and piano teacher and I like your tips. I agree that eating certain foods can affect the way the voice sounds while singing. I also cannot eat peppermint candy or Halls before I sing. I will have to immediately start clearing my throat to be able to sing. I haven’t tried that throat spray, but would like to. I will be returning to visit your blog.