singers and reflux.

Esophageal reflux (also known as heart burn), is prevalent in our money borrowing app entire culture today. Diet,  and stress levels are big factors. Singers have this problem even more acutely as  the diaphragm is very actively pressing against the stomach and digestive organs when we breath in. One study states that 70% of all singers experience reflux at one time or another. The big problem here is that the vocal folds work as a junk collector in keeping the reflux from entering our lungs.The result is often a burning of the folds. Remember this is acid! This reflux damage can last a day, a week, or if unchecked indefinitely, greatly effecting range, and tone. So what to do? first off, realize that one of the  worst times for reflux is when we are sleeping. Not  only are we unconscious to deal with it, but  gravity isn’t even on our side. The best way to combat this is  to NOT EAT a good three  hours before bed. Also avoid  large  amounts of water before  loan against term life insurance policy bed as this loosens up the digestive acids. The next thing to do is to purchase a surgical wedge (about  30$) to use when you sleep. Get the six inch one which gives your upper body a thirty degree angle thus helping gravity to help keep reflux at bay.                                                                                                                                                                Treatments for acid reflux? There are many. I always start my students off with the natural remedy’s to see if this is all that they need. Some times they work, and sometimes microloan program florida not. Here are a few of them. Papaya enzyme. 1)Papaya enzyme is similar to human digestive enzyme and can often neutralize the acid. 2) Baking soda. Even the side of the box says that its main use is for heartburn and sour stomach, yet no one seems to know this. Mix it with four ounces of water and drink on as empty a stomach as you can. 3) apple cider vinegar. yep, and no one is sure why, but it seems to stop the production of acid. Those are the big three. If your still having problems you may want to consider short term meds like pepcid or zantac, or long term meds like prilosec and acifex. You should see a Dr before taking the long term plunge.Unfortunately our wonderful dolcevoce honey/lemon throat spray doesn’t work on reflux, but its still a wonderful product! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more.

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