Warm-ups and warm-downs

Most singers have heard of warm-ups. Many even know a good payday loan uk compare warm-up routine but fail to use it. When I warn students about how they could potentially hurt their voices by not warming up before they sing, they usually ignore me. I even give them a Cd with a warm-up on it! The only motivating factor that gets them to warm up, is that they sound better when they warm-up first. The vocal folds are a muscle, and as we spoke about previously, they are controlled by other muscles.Muscles need to stretch gently and get blood flowing before we proceed to tax them in any way. Would you go jogging loans for bad credit barclays or go to work out without stretching,(warming-up) first? I would hope not. So please singers, you will sound better, but also you will be protecting yourself if you warm-up before you sing.If you need a good warm-up, go to www.voicecareproducts.com, and buy my warm-up cd. Easy as that! Now, what are warm-downs? Warming down is very simple and greatly speeds recovery of the folds after a good work out. When we work any muscle, the body produces lactic acid which “pumps us up” as it is breaking down and rebuilding muscle tissue. The vocal folds are hindered payday lending cap by being “pumped up”. This swelling makes it hard  for them to approximate and produce a healthy sound. By doing a simple forward placed “humm” for three to five minutes after your done singing, you are reducing the build up of lactic acid in the folds, and improving their recovery.Keep the humming in your lower range and make sure that you can feel the buzz on your lips. Easy as that, and it really works. So…warm-up, warm-down, sing great, and don’t forget to use Dolcevoce honey lemon throat spray. It really works!

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