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What People Are Saying...  
ryan starr

"On stage or in the studio, I use Dolce Voce™!   It really works, especially when you are a little raw, it simply brings your voice back to life.   I have tried all of the competition through the years, but they all simply make me want to puke.   Dolce Voce™ works.   The ingredients are the best... all natural, and it tastes great!"

Ryan Star
Atlantic Records Recording Artist

Linda M. Carroll "I have recommended Dolce Voce™ for many years to my patients who experience vocal dryness and oral dryness.   Whether they are singers, speakers, or ordinary voice users, they have all commented on the effectiveness of Dolce Voce™ and the pleasant taste.   Most competitive 'Xerostomia" sprays contain paraffin (wax), rather than the natural lubricant present in honey.   Dolce Voce™ is an effective solution to manage dryness and thick phlegm.   I highly recommend this product, and applaud the developer (a singer) in finding a pleasant solution to keep the mouth moist."

Linda M. Carroll, Ph.D.
Speech-Language Pathologist and Voice Specialist
Voice Consultant to the Grabscheid Voice Center
Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY
"I have been singing for 46 yrs, and have tried every concoction you can think of with out any great results.
Dolce Voce - at this point in my career,  has been a tremendous help to me in achieving the quality I've always wanted in my singing"

Billy J. Kramer
Legendary British Invasion Recording Artist
(Formerly of "Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas")


"The more of my patients who try Dolce Voce Throat Spray... the more that I find that it is preferred to other similar products." 

Jeremy Hathway
Speech-language Pathologist
Texas Voice Center


"As a long time talent agent, my most important sales tool is my voice.   Dolce Voce™ has done wonders for me and keeps me in the groove on those long days when my vocal chords simply give out due to the constant strain of talking (OK - sometimes yelling...).   A couple of quick blasts offer instant relief and I am ready to go back into battle!"

T.J. Markwalter
Pacific Comedy Inc.


"As a radio broadcaster, my voice is my ticket.   When vocal difficulties arise, which happens to all of us occasionally, the message I need to convey is not readily understood.   That translates to a loss of listeners.   Dolce Voce™ has come to my rescue many times! Dolce Voce™ is a dependable product which helps to ease some of the common vocal difficulties experienced, including dry mouth, raspiness, and vocal fatigue.   A couple of sprays helps to free the voice.   I cannot recommend this product highly enough; it is good tasting, reasonably priced, and always reliable!"

Fran Spencer
Radio Producer and Host (WHRU)


"I use Dolce Voce regularly both in the studio and on stage.  As a working musician, sometimes I just need a little help and Dolce Voce supports that need.  You will always find a bottle of Dolce Voce in my studio as well.  It has saved countless hours producing singer sessions.  It taste great and is ALL natural.  I highly recomend it!"

Joseph Pericone
The Other Shoe & On Loan Productions


"A few months back (November / early December), I came by and bought 12 bottles of Dolce Voce™ directly from you.   I am pleased with the product, and have shared some.  It is a convenient, safe way to keep the throat hydrated.  I am glad I came upon your ad in the paper I picked up at Whole Foods!"



"I have been taking voice lessons for over 6 years now from a variety of different instructors who teach a variety of different genres.    It's pretty safe to say I have a firm understanding of at least the basics of voice, especially when it comes to warming up properly.   Dolce Voce™ works seamlessly with my routine and works every single time!    Whether my voice is feeling picture perfect or slightly under par, Dolce Voce™ is the natural solution to the ups and downs of a singer's voice.   For my money, having Dolce Voce™ in your back pocket is the re-assurance a singer needs to deal with any vocal situation."

Lyle Kamesaki